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5 Phrases to Be Avoided by The Job Applicant

"We offered a bad product."

Asking about the product, the recruiter assesses the loyalty to the former employer.

"I had a bad leader."

The future employer tries this phrase on himself.

"I was not lucky with the team."

In this phrase, the recruiter can see an applicant's desire to justify his inability to build relationships, his tendency to conflict and the victim's position.

"I was not appreciated."

Perhaps this is an attempt to mask the applicant's failures at work.

"I do not know (I can't, I do not want, I will not)."

Such categorical denials may indicate a negative way of thinking. Most likely, a person has internal barriers and limitations, fears and complexes.

Of course, it is not necessary to refuse the candidate immediately. The recruiter should think about the reasons for such statements. Hire those who can admit his or her mistakes and try to correct them.